North Route

The route to the north is filled with natural beauty and sights, and as such it is preferred by most of our clients. Starting from our Watersport Center, the first point of interest is the Pefkos tourist resort with its busy beach. On the other side of Pefkos village you will go past ‘Pink Floyd Mansion’, the home of David Gilmour, a member of the legendary band known for his deep love for the region.

Then comes the spectacular ‘Fokia’ bay, a unique place with a special history. For the ancient islanders this location was an observatory, from where they watched and studied the stars and planets. A dive into the crystal clear waters of Fokia will certainly fill you with energy and joy.

Heading onwards you will pass by Cape Ginas, featuring a guard tower by the same name that was built during the time of Italian rule. The landscape’s natural beauty and the bright blue, crystal-clear waters will most definitely leave an impression on you. In the distance and to the right you will see the solitary ‘Paximada’ rock.

Past Cape Ginas, a gorgeous landscape will appear before you: the bay of ‘Navarone’ and, in the distance, the ‘Acropolis of Lindos’. Walk carefully and slowly by the ‘Five Rocks’ and notice how clear and sparkly the waters are in this area.

Then head to the center of the bay of ‘Navarone’ and take in the view from the imposing cliff that inspired the filmmakers of the ‘Guns of Navarone’. Drop anchor here and enjoy a swim in one of the most beautiful spots of the island.

Your next stop is the renowned and beautiful Lindos. As you approach, you will come across picturesque ‘St. Paul’s Bay’ with the chapel of the same name, favored for weddings by many visitors to our island.

Continue around the rock of the Acropolis and slowly enter the main bay of Lindos. The picturesque white houses and the view of the Acropolis with its long history will enchant you.


South Route

The route towards the south does not offer the same amount of natural beauty and sights as that heading north. Nonetheless, we do recommend it if you wish to relax and enjoy the deep blue sea.

Starting from our Watersport Center and after travelling a very short distance, you will arrive at Glystra beach. Set up here and go swimming and snorkeling in its calm and clear waters. Next to it lies the Kiotari tourist area with its many well-known four- and five-star hotels. The ‘Galouni’ peninsula in this area is especially beautiful, as is the bay of the same name in front of Rodos Princess hotel.

The last stop on the route to the south is the picturesque fishing village of Kiotari, with its amazing fish taverns and the well-known ‘Kaliva ston Vracho’ (Shack on the Rock), a favorite among locals.

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